Safely ensuring THE best progression for each athlete

The KCA Coaching Staff have years of experience coaching teams to National and International level within a safe, inclusive environment. They live and breathe cheerleading and individual athlete development is at the heart of everything they do.  

The KCA Coaching ethos is based on every athlete reaching their full potential, regardless of age and ability. Our coaches ensure all athletes dream big – limitations only exist in the mind. All of our athletes are provided with custom support to set and reach personal goals alongside their Team accomplishments.

All of our KCA staff are DBS checked and qualified to ensure athlete and coach safety. 


Junior Coaches: 

At KCA we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to learn and grow. Each season a group of Junior coach applicants are carefully selected and help to coach teams safely and correctly alongside our qualified coaches. The chance to apply is advertised to anybody who is interested at the beginning of each season.